Elderly activities : fun and exercise in one

One doesn’t need to give up all the fun just because they are getting more experienced in life! Sadly, many seniors give up their love for games and exercises. Instead one should find the right exercise to fit into their activity level and interest. There are numerous fun exercise games for seniors to keep them riveted.

1. Dancing:
Some are frail, some feel withdrawn, some feel people will laugh if they dance. Whatever the reasons, it’s time to DANCE! Incorporating music lifts the mood up and one can make dancing a special event by creating a theme. Chair dancing is very famous amongst seniors too.

2. Electronic Games:
Computer games are not just for kids. Give the controllers to the seniors at home and let them explore Wii game system. The use of their hands to play games virtually will be a very good exercise for their arms. Some games like Brain Age help in brain exercises too.

3. Group Games:
Organize a game event for elders which for sure will be a hit. Some games that can be comprehended are:
Musical Chair – Count the number of people and place one less chair than that in a circle. Play music and ask everybody to move around the chairs in a circle and when the music is stopped grab a chair and sit. Whoever fails to get a seat is out of the game. Continue until there is one winner at last.
Lemon and Spoon – Make all the seniors stand in a line and give them a spoon to hold it in their mouth. Before starting the race place a lemon in their spoon and ask them to tie their hands back. Whoever reaches the finish line first with their lemon steady will win.
Balloon Games – Can be played with family or friends. Balloons can be used as volleyball and whoever holds their balloon in the air for maximum time wins the game.

Try to choose the activities that fit your mood and embrace it to have fun and exercise every day.